Dream vs Goal

“Dreams don’t work unless you do.” – John C Maxwell

Almost ten years ago, someone came to me and asked “what is your dream?” and to that question, I replied “I don’t believe in dreams.” This simple conversation has led to a deeper conversation and the beginning of our good friendship.

It’s funny how he was intrigued to know me better just because I said I don’t believe in dreams.

It might be the choice of word, it might be I was too pragmatic to think big…. I just don’t think ‘dream’ is something that I want to have.

Goal, on the other hand, is something I hold onto. it is my trigger in doing things. I need to set my eyes on something and that’s how I move on. that’s my drive.

So, what is the different between dream and goal?

In my head, the word dream makes it so far away. It implicitly says that it’s something extraordinary to achieve. Goal is more tangible and reachable. Goal is something I can work towards. It doesn’t mean I always have any specific plan to reach my goal but I know I am working to accomplish my goal.

To me, when I have something I want to achieve in my life, I refer it as my goal.

Dream happens while we are sleeping. Sleeping is the only way to have a dream and I don’t believe in that philosophy. I believe if I want something, the least thing I can do is put some effort to have it. That way, the universe will work hard to support me (and that’s how luck works, btw).

Dream or goal, whatever you call it, it will happen only if we take action. As Napoleon said, goal is a dream with deadlines. Without deadlines, what made us move our lazy ass?


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