My Happy Spot


“Sometimes life just sucks, and all we can do is go to our happy place where we plot our revenge.” – Antsy McClain

It’s been 4 months since the UK Government announced the lock down. The restriction has been lifted slowly in the last few weeks and people are able to go to the pub or eat out in an outdoor restaurant now. It’s not that the virus has completely gone. Personally, I don’t think it will be gone anytime soon but it’s time for us to embrace it and learn how to live side by side with it.

Staying at home all time and this new normal is not easy for many of us, including me. One way to cope with this situation is to build a happy spot at home and keep doing what I love. For me, that means weightlifting. 

I know I have always loved weightlifting since I started three years ago. However, whenever a hard situation comes along, it’s such a reminder how weightlifting helps my sanity and helps me through rough times. 

When lockdown happened in March, it was not ‘can’t go to the pub’ or ‘can’t eat out’ that killed me. It was the fact that I can’t train anymore. I was peaking on my snatch and clean & jerk – and boom! I had to stop. That day…although it was not a shock, I was extremely sad when training was taken away from me.

My husband and I were also a late adopter, meaning we did not buy any gym kit in time before things happened. Everything was sold out or overpriced when we started looking and it took us 2 months before our bars and plates finally arrived.

Another consideration was the fact that we live in a small flat in London. Where do we put these things? It’s not like we have a lot of space. I also don’t like cluttered space so everything has to be neat which did not make it easier to make a call if we wanted to buy bars and plates or not. However, I am glad that my love for weightlifting has overruled this neat obsession. 

Although our flat is far from big, we managed to find a spot to store things. Our place is also far from conducive as a home gym but we are lucky that we live on a ground floor with a decent sized balcony. We use this as our training space and we store our kit inside, just by the balcony door.

This morning, when I saw this tiny spot by the balcony door, I smiled. This tiny spot is my happy spot in the house. No matter how bad things are, I know I can always come to this spot, lift, and be happy. I am also aware that not everyone is as lucky as me, so I am very grateful I can still have this tiny little spot and call it my happy spot.

My Happy Spot: 15kg bars + plates + bands, kettlebells, bike, and my squat ‘box rack’


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