When first I created Sufom – Support for Mind – I intended to use this website as an online diary for my nutrition and performance journey. I had (and still have) issues with eating right consistently and hoping writing can help me cope with that.

I’d be honest with you, tho, I never really fulfil that plan on regular basis and this website has been created – erased – recreated – reerased thousands times in the past.

This is my x attempts to recreate the website with the same purpose: share my food and performance journey – and hopefully this time, it can go on a consistent basis.

So, if you’re still reading this and start to to wonder about who I am, let me give you some summary:

  • I’m a woman who loves weightlifting (Oly lift) and has been doing it since mid 2017.
  • I love being active. This being said, I don’t have issue with training consistency but I’m struggling with nutrition consistency.
  • This website is a therapy for my (own) mind and will cover wellbeing in general with 3 main topics: nutritions (mainly for strength and performance), training, and mental health.


Screen shot 2017-07-11 at 21.33.39

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