Good food. Bad food.

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” ― George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman

I love to eat. Full stop.

I am not a food snob that only want to eat good food and complaint when food is bad. Food – for me – delicious or not, is something I’d like to try. This would mean I’m willing to try a fried chicken on a small street in Asia even when people say it doesn’t taste good, just so I know how it tastes.

This love of food kills me whenever I need to cut weight (mainly for competition) as that would mean I need to be extremely picky on what I eat for a certain period of time. I can’t really eat out as I don’t know what they put in the process; and not knowing what they put in the process means disability to calculate the calories. Depends on the time scale, I might need to reduce my carbs intake significantly and restrict my salt intake. This strict diet works for few weeks – and usually plans only for a short amount of time, eg. 1-3 weeks. [Please note, I don’t think this is how your diet should be. I usually do it for competition purposes. At some other time, I’ll write how I try to replenish my relationship with food as a lifestyle].

Can I really eat very carefully for that long? Hmmm… shamefully, I need to say no – not really. I just become very strict few days before the day but not long before that.

So, what do I do on this? The key is, I very occasionally still eat the not very healthy food as long as it fits my macro.

What does this mean?

People say burger is bad. So, when we eat out, we choose caesar salad. Is it better tho? Not always. Depends on what your goal is.

Good food or bad food is just a label that is made by society. As everything else in life, good or bad is a relative measurement. I always believe, in term of what I eat, good or bad depends on what my goal is.

Coming back to that caesar salad vs burger example. Is it better tho? In my case, I doubt it. It might be better if my goal is to reduce meat consumption and increase vegetables consumption – but it wasn’t my goal. I needed to cut my weight while maintaining my strength. So – eventually, eating meat that has higher protein might not be so bad.

Whatever I eat, I stick on one rule tho: it has to fit my calories quota – and on the day when I extremely crave for “bad food” – I swap my dinner with something satisfied my psychological needs. It can be cheesecake (oh – my love goes to cheesecake!), it can be crisp (my deepest guilt), or it can be fried food.

So, does good – bad food exist?

It does. Because usually that low nutrition food doesn’t feel me up and I feel hungry. This mean, I can’t eat that too often – still cutting weight – and do my normal training regime. I need to choose what I want to eat every day but one day of food that is out of my meal plan won’t hurt.

Whatever people label as bad food isn’t bad food as long as we know how to use them!


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