Meal Prep This Week

“Plan and Preparation help me through the hard time” – just me

Most of us is experiencing something we may never consider before: virus pandemic. This has changed our life over one night. We are all stuck at home: work from home, workout from home, do online party from home. Whaaaaaaat a time!

For me, this is my eighth week working from home.

I have passed many kind of emotions, starting from anxious, sadness, frustration, happiness, anger, and others that I can’t even remember anymore.

In the first few weeks of this era, I gave myself a slack: I pampered my self with not very healthy food and since I didn’t need to go to the office anymore, I didn’t make any meal prep as I used to do. I thought ‘hey – I’m home now, I can always just cook for all my meal!’

The result….. meh – didn’t work out as I planned.

Work is work. The stress, the chaos, the meetings…. it is still happening even when I work from home.  Working from home is actually a more stressful experience for me. Moving from one zoom invite to another zoom invite is a nightmare. It drains everything. If scientist declares that motivation is a resource that can be depleted, all my leftover motivation is drained in those meetings.

Drained motivation +  low interest of cooking in general = disaster meal consumption.

Instead of cooking as I planned, I ended up eating whatever easiest in my sight: bread + cheese all day, or cookies, or biscuits. Not until late afternoon when I usually feel the needs of eating ‘real’ food, then I cook.

Few weeks went that way until one day I decided that there’s no harm to just do a meal plan, even when I’m working from home. Why not? Planning my meal means less thing to think about during working days. More important, it means it helps to make sure I eat whole foods instead of zero-nutrients food all day long.

There you go, I started to make a meal prep again since few weeks ago. Boom!

Most of my meal plan is usually based on white lean meat & vegetables. I don’t make the carbs as I can’t decide what I want. So, usually – I will just make it on the day as it’s simple enough to do (eg. soak couscous in hot water or put dry noodles in hot water).

Chicken mealprep
First meal is chicken vegetables in chilli oyster sauce. Second meal is chicken mushroom soup.

I made those for lunch and/or dinner. Obviously, it’s only 6 packs – while I need 8 for this week. This gives me room to decide what I want to eat for the other 2 times depends on my mood that day. This gives me room for some flexibility when I feel like cooking.

The first meal is around 420kcal with around ±50g of protein:

  • Chicken breast (±230g/portion)
  • Green beans (±100g/portion)
  • Aubergine (50g/portion)
  • Oyster sauce Panda brand (±350g for all 3 portions)
  • Red onion + chopped garlic
  • Red + green chilli
  • Salt & pepper

Not made yet but I’d like to make couscous, stir-fry noodles, or rice as the side for this one. (another 150-200kcal)

The second meal is around 480kcal with ±50g protein:

  • Chicken breast (±230g/portion)
  • Carrot (around 1-2 stick/portion)
  • Small potato (±100g/portion)
  • Leak (put 2 medium leeks for all 3 portions)
  • Cream of mushroom soup (2 cans for all 3 portions)
  • Red onion

I haven’t decided what I will make for breakfast just yet but I’ll figure that out before morning comes.

I have to admit that having meal prep and plan is the easiest part. STICK with it is the hardest bit! However, having a plan helps me to stay on track, especially when I feel extremely tired from other things. Having these food boxes in the fridge makes it easy to eat ‘right’.




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