Perception is not The Truth

“At the end of the day, we believe what we want to believe” – just me.

Sometime, I wonder how other people see the color ‘red’. Is my red truly red or my red is not as dark red as other people’s red?

I guess I will never know because how we see is only for our eyes to see. It is our perception of the world. It is a result of how our brain works and process information. Sadly, that same brain is only embedded in our head and not others.

The important piece here is that we need to be able to differentiate our perception and fact. Our perception is fundamentally our opinion. On the other hand, fact is the truth based on a regulation. This regulation is a common agreement formed by our society.

5kg of apple.

It is a fact because you can use scale to weight your apple. Since scale was invented, we have agreed what 1kg means.

5kg if apple is a lot for 2 people.

It is an opinion because it depends on who those 2 people are. I know someone who eat 4 or 5 apples a day.

The power to understand the difference is the beginning to know which you can and can’t change.

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