Knee Pain (and The Potential Fix)

“I just want to lift until I’m old… so I realise I need to put more effort in listening to my body, fix my injury properly, and takes time to recover.” – me.

Knee pain is one of the common issue experienced by lifter.s Unfortunately, I am one of those who experience it. It’s not a new thing and has been come and go for sometimes but it has become more serious in the last few months,.

My knee pain usually starts as something light: it hurts when I perform certain movement, mainly jumping and other plyometric movement. The pain is usually gone by itself when I reduced the movement that triggers the pain. Most of the time, I can still perform most of my regular training without the need to reduce weight nor intensity. Then, after few weeks, the pain goes away and all is back to normal.

However, the last 6 to 8 weeks, my knees have not been in its best conditions. It started as a mild pain when I perform some movements, mainly split jerking and squatting. Then it becomes more painful and I felt a mild throbbing sensation even when I lay down and did nothing. Realising the situation is getting worse, I started to take action to see if I can do anything to fix it.

I have followed several good resources for pain in lifting and listened to some podcast since I started lifting. Thus, I knew where I could start my research.

I found Squat University as one good source that can help identify potential issues. They have a complete tutorial in identifying potential issues with knee pains that can be easily done at home.

In my case, I never really bothered to check any of these because I know I have great mobility and flexibility across my body. I am not showing off or over confidence. I said this because I can squat t the bottom first thing in the morning when I open my eyes – without any needs of warming up. Thus, the arrogant me always think that I don’t have any of these issues.

I was wrong.

I follow their self-check in identifying knee pains and I figured out that my left ankle mobility is way better than my right side. When I did the test suggested on this video, I figured the difference is around 3-4cm between left and right leg. It’s not that I have ankle mobility issue. It’s just that my left and right ankle mobility are too different. This causes weight shifting when I lift heavy.

Understanding this, I started to add some ankle mobility warmup before I train and hope it can help my knee pain. I just started so I can’t share much about the result yet but I can already see the different when I retest my mobility.

I just want to share this – just in case you are searching for some good material to fix some of your pain.


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