(Weight) Training in Tropical Climate

Everything defines by its position to the sun” – just me

I went to Indonesia recently. For the first time since I moved abroad, I managed to do most of my regular training there. I have never lifted in Indonesia and the experience surprised me.

As a tropical country, Indonesia has two season: dry and monsoons. It doesn’t differ much apart from the amount of rain. The temperature will always be similar, ie. around 30ish Celsius in Jakarta, the capital city. The humidity level is very high as it is a country composed by islands. So, imagine this: humid and hot. In training, it leads to sweat. Lots of sweat.

First day of lifting, I could feel a huge different between training in Indonesia and in London.

My muscles are ready all the time.

I am one of those lucky person who has high mobility and flexibility. In general, my regular warm up is for activating the right muscle group, speed, and coordination. However, in hot places, I can tell that my muscles just don’t feel stiff at all. I am physically ready to lift when I open my eyes in the morning. My body just always feel so great. No more back pain and always ready to work out.

During the first few days, it felt weird because I could not feel the heavy weight. Instead, I just failed it straight away. I could not feel any work on my muscles, I just could not lift it, for example. It went away after few days tho.

Sweat sweat sweat.

Not a surprise but I sweat so much. Few sets and reps, I sweat as if I run for an hour or do HIIT for some times. Water is a friend to escape dehydration. Now, I’m back in winter London, I barely set after an hour of lifting.

Higher heart rate

Might be relevant to previous one or not but my heart rate was higher when I lift there. Again, lifting felt like running or other cardio exercises. It makes me wonder why some of my friends don’t fancy lifting because they don’t sweat (they said).

There are some studies about training in different climates. I’m not sure which I prefer at this point yet. One thing I can tell is that I can easily notice the difference in my body.


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