Fat with Protein or Protein with Fat

Everything on earth is about how you say it. It’s called marketing’ Anonymous

It’s Monday morning and you’d love to have something nice and easy for your toast. Peanut butter or Chocolate spread?

Both tastes good but perceived differently. One always comes as healthy and high protein, the other is perceived as unhealthy and high sugar. It is true that peanut butter has way less sugar than chocolate spread but does it mean it’s a healthy food? If low sugar is how we define healthy, sure. However, I believe we should see it from many angels.

Peanut butter is quite popular for gym goers or dieters and marked as high protein food. Is it, though?

I’ve been thinking about this for some times and I think it’s a misleading trademark. In a 100g all natural peanut butter, there is around 30g of protein AND 48-50g of fat. Since protein produces 4kcal/gram and fat produces 9kcal/g, this means total calories of peanut butter is mainly comes from fat. Therefore, label it as a ‘high protein’ food seems to be a little bit inappropriate from my point of view.

I am not even arguing if it’s healthy or not. I believe how we define healthy and good/bad food depends a lot on our personal goal. However, it is wise to always check and recheck the nutrition label and be critical about it.

If a food has way higher fat than protein, won’t it be fairer to be referred differently? I don’t know, something like high fat food with decent protein.

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