Junk food: Self Control vs Money

“I know my weak spot and thus I run away from it” – just me

Crisp, fries, fried food. Those are my sinful addiction. I crave for it every few days and it is so hard to not eat it.

Thus, every now and then, I will go to a supermarket to buy crisp. Literally, just a pack of crisp.

Every time, I will stand on the aile, starting which one I should get. It’s not about the flavour, though. Years of having crisp, I know what I like by now. Most time, I spend my time contemplating which size I should get.

My economic brain tells me to get the big one. It’s 1.20£ for 180g VS 0.80£ for 35g. Really? Who stupid enough to buy the small one?

My heart shouts at me to get the small individual pacakage. ‘You will eat it all at once then you’ ll regret it’, she says.

What do I do?

I’ve learnt that I am a sinner in terms of junk food. If it’s there, I’ll eat it. I have almost zero self control on this matter. I am not proud of this but I have accepted it.

This acceptance allows me to come with a system:

1. Always buy what I am allowed to eat, even if it means more money to spend.

2. If (1) is not possible, get the bigger one. Then, grab what you are allowed and hide the rest. Ask someone to hide it and never hide it yourself.

3. If no (1) and (2) not possible, get the bigger one, eat the allowed part and throw away the rest.

I may spend 5 minutes arguing with myself which size I should get. At the end of the day, my system wins. Not always but most of the time.


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