How do you want to live?

“Life well or life long? That’s the question” – just me

When the lockdown eased down in London, I started to ask myself: what do I do now? My mom was very anxious, she didn’t (and still doesn’t) leave home. On the other hand, other people are on the other specturm: they party as if the virus is gone.

I asked myself: what should I do?

It’s not without many pro and cons in my head but I decided to contribute in reducing virus spread by performing preventive measurement without sacraficing my personal mental health.

What this means…

I do what I want to, in particular going to the gym, with strict measurement: mask, clean the equipments, keep distance with others.

I won’t go for a party or such but I am open to meet my friends in an open area.

I try to do a regular test so if I have it, I can isolate myself.

I made this decision so I can still be alive but not being a burden for the medical team.

We all will deceased eventually. If it’s not covid, it’s cancer. If it’s not cancer, it’s plan crashed. So, I am trying to live my life without forgetting my social responsibility.

2020 has been an interesting time for our health system, economy, and life. I hope we all adjust well by now.


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