Handling (My) Bad Mood

“Cause life is sh*t and what you want to do is to hide under the blanket” – just me

As a human being, it is not possible to always be happy. I don’t even believe babies are always happy. They might be worry-free but obviously they are unhappy too sometimes (and thus they cry).

For me, this morning was one of that time. I woke up anxious. I felt as if everything was wrong although in reality everything was all right. I was in a deep dark mood and I wanted to get mad about every thing. I had anger in myself.

It took lots of practice to understand your body and mind. So, looking back, I am quite proud to acknowledge my own feelings quickly before causing any more disasters.

Understanding this situation, I consider my therapy options.

First, I did not go out the bedroom. This way, I would not take any of this anxiety and anger towards my husband. He did nothing wrong. I knew I would have been grumpy and ruined his morning if I walked out.

Second, I remembered someone told me to practice deep breathing. Then, I did it. I sat on my bed, feet on the ground and took a few deep breath for a minutes or two.

You know what… it did not work.

I figured I need another therapy. In the past, I have noticed some physical activities usually help me. Thus, I considered lifting or cleaning. Both allows me to transfer my bad energy.

Why is cleaning my therapy? I am not 100% sure but I think it is connected to the fast result I can notice. If something is dirty and I clean it, I will see the change straight away. It is something I can easily control that gives me result I want in a relatively quick time.

Cleaning. That what I chose and that was my third therapy today. I cleaned the house. Wipes. Sweep. Mob. Then I my bad mood was gone.

I found my bad mood therapy, what’s yours?


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