Cheesecake in London


“Because you don’t live near a bakery, doesn’t mean you have to go without cheesecake” – Hedy Lamarr

My favorite cake on earth is cheesecake. I love it so much, it made me sad when I had a bad one. Therefore, as much as I dislike doing much research on food, I usually read some reviews or ask what it is made from first before I try cheesecake.

When I live in the Netherlands, cheesecake is not something that popular there. Not only they usually use kwark (re: yogurt) to make it, it is also not common to be found on the cake shops. However, since I move to London, I’m grateful I can find great cheesecake around the town pretty easily. To be honest, some supermarket even has decent cheesecake.

I don’t hunt cheesecake every week but let me share some good ones I’ve tried so far.


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Honey & Co. cheesecake

Honey&Co is a Middle Eastern restaurant but their bakery has one of the best cheesecake I’ve ever had in my life. Interestingly, I don’t usually like non-bake cheesecake but theirs is quite unique. It’s made from Feta cheese with kadaif pastry based, topped with honey, berry, and nuts. It’s creamy and sweet (the right amount). It will send you to the moon on the first bite!

Cakes & Bubbles

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Cakes & Bubbles Cheesecake by Albert Adria

Cakes & Bubbles is located in central London, inside Hotel Cafe Royal. This cheesecake is made by Albert Adria, a famous Spanish chef. It has rounded shaped. They will give you some biscuit base on the side (I assume to eat it with the cake) as the cake it self doesn’t really have any biscuit base. I am not sure but I think this is also a non-bake type cheesecake.

It’s not the cheapest cheesecake I’ve tried (12£ + tax + service fees) but it’s worth trying. Personally, it’s not my favorite one but I was happy I tried it.


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Ottolenghi white chocolate cheesecake (photo by Ottolenghi)

Ottolenghi has several different types of cheesecake. I’ve tried two variants: white chocolate and coffee cheesecake. Both are baked type cheesecake and both are good. I prefer the white chocolate ones to the coffee one, tho. The creaminess and crunchiness of the pastry are balanced. It’s in the size of cupcakes – not very big (so… guilt free?!) and it has a decent price too.

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Coffee cheesecake – Ottolenghi

Happy trying!


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