Eating Habit: Start Small but Consistent


“Big things has small beginnings.” – Prometheus

Since lock down happened, some of us may have gained some weight. It can be caused by snacking more often at home, changes in eating pattern, or less physical activities. All results in one situation: intake calorie is higher than calories used by the body. 

In the early weeks, my husband and I were part of this group. For me, it was because I ate more snacks due to emotional situations, boredom, and stress at work. On the other hand, my husband has eaten the same amount of food but had way less physical activities. However, it has changed now. We are both back to our weight before lockdown and we are happy with it.

This time, I will not share my story on how I try to rebuild my relationship with food. I would like to share a very simple habit my husband has been doing which is really inspiring.

He loves chicken and rice. This is his lunch menu from Monday to Friday. Literally. Either he’ll make oven-baked chicken or make chicken and rice in an instant pot. He always gets chicken thigh on bone with skin from M&S supermarket due to two valid reasons: it’s good and it’s cheap. 

After realising how his weight kept going up, he changed some of his meal routine. 

First thing is removing chicken skin. He doesn’t want chicken breast due to the dry taste and he thinks it’s not worth it to swap to skinless chicken thigh fillet due to the price. Thus, he has always removed the skin and cooked the chicken without the skin for the last few weeks. He did some research and figured out that removing the skin can save upto 300-400kcal for 600g of chicken thigh. 

Second thing is reducing oat on his breakfast. Instead of making overnight oats with yogurt and protein powder, he makes yogurt with protein powder. Since he does not cycle to work anymore, this is actually okay for him. Another easy 200 kcal is gone. 

Those two small changes have brought him down by 3kgs in the last few weeks without much hunger and I’m quite impressed by how easy it actually is.

It doesn’t require a big change such as skipping dinner or extreme food restriction fasting. It can be something relatively small but consistent. This way, it can be embedded in his daily life and eventually show some good outcome. 

Let this story remind us how small steps are always better than doing nothing.


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