Tips to Stop Eating

‘Someone has to be the villain so everyone else can stay alive.’ –

Josephine Angelini

I have a very weak control when it comes to food. It is not that I am over weight but I do realise I often binging and eat unhealthily.

Therefore, I have been trying to rebuild my relationship with food for a while. I also try to avoid emotional eating. However, as you may guess, it is not always easy and my success rate is still 50%.

I have found one trick that works relatively well to stop me from eating certain food: eat then hide it.

When I need to cut for a competition, I weight my food. I put my food on the scale, note the calories, give the food to my husband so he can hide it away from me. This applies for things I can’t stop eating once I start but I don’t want to completely restrict it quite such as peanut butter, biscuit, crisp, and baked oatmeal.

When I try to eat right but not on a strict diet, I’ll hide my food after I make the first portion so I can’t make the second. The key is the same: hide the food. Either you ask other people to do it or do it yourself by putting it somewhere that is hard to reach such as top of the cabinet. The higher the better so you’ll need extra effort to get it.

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