Smile Challenge


“Smile… and make the world a better place” – anonymous 

As a human being, we can’t always control what is happening to us nor what is happening surrounding us. Despite that, we can always control how we response towards it. That is why I have set up a new challenge for myself: to smile more often in the morning.

I’m a very grumpy person in the morning. I hate to talk in the morning, I hate when people talk to me, and I love to be alone for the first few hours of my day. It is usually okay but since this quarantine situation, I feel like I’ve been such a negative nancy for my husband and I don’t like that.

He never complains and he’s been very understanding about this. We’ve known each other for sometimes and I’ve explained this situation since we had our first morning together years ago. He is not a cheerful person in the morning either although he is usually in a neutral mood. However, few days ago, he started to look sad in the morning. He doesn’t talk much nor smile much. This makes me realised how suck it is to be with someone that doesn’t smile.

Based on this experience, I have setup a 30 days challenge for myself from today: to smile more in the morning. Regardless how good or bad my night is, or how bad hay fever hits my head in the morning, or how tired I am after cycling around, I will smile. I will smile to brighten myself and everyone around me.

Don’t get me wrong, it does not mean I plan to fake my feeling when I am sad. It’s just I will try to train myself to have a nicer mood in the morning and greet the day with positiveness.  As Social scientists believes it’s not only feeling and mind can affect behavior but also  behavior can affect feeling and mind. I believe, smiling – even when it’s not a very genuine one in the beginning – can bring more positivity to our house.


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