Everything tastes better with cheese!


“Eat your trees!” –  a mom to her kid who hates broccoli. 


Broccoli is king! It’s my second favourite vegetable after morning glory (aka kangkung).

Last weekend when I was so sick eating meat, we created this beautiful broccoli cheese.

  • Healthy? I believe so!
  • Good for diet? Not really – calories wise, it’s mainly olive oil and cheese… soo… meh.

Is it only me or do you also have stomach gas after eating broccoli?

If you want the recipes, I adopt the recipes from bonapetite. It’s quite simple and good. I mean, what can go wrong? It’s literally just broccoli with olive oil, salt, chilli flakes, and cheese. As long as you don’t burn it, it’s quite impossible to ruin it.


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